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Below you will find all the promotional material and swipe copy that you will need to let your community know about the MasterClass.

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The Pre-MasterClass promo dates are April 18th- May 1st 2018. All solo emails need to be sent during this period. Our goal as a group is to attract the largest audience we can to hear these amazing interviews.  Social posts can also be during this period and throughout the MasterClass dates – May 1st-25th, 2018.


For support, or questions please reach out at karimah@karimahstewart.com. You will either hear back from me or someone from the Summit Support team.


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Gabrielle Spencer                 http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/GS

Kine Corder                           http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/KC

Sterling Mire                          http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/SM

Barbara Wilder                     http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/BW

Holly Signorelli                      http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/HS

Nada Howarth                       http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/NH

Debrena Jackson Gandy       http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/DJG

Phillip & Jane                         http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/PJM

Joe White                               http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/JW

Joy Passey                              http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/JP

Gretchen Hydo                      http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/GH

Liz Wolfe                                http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/LW

Davina Kotulski                     http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/DK

Ines Martins                          http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/IM

Celine Vousden                     http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/CV

Luci McMonagle                    http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/LM

Rosemary Nonny Knight      http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/RNK

Dominique Broadway           http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/DB

Harriette Hale                        http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/HH

Susan De Robertis                 http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/SDR

Kara Stevens                         http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/KS

Desiree Stafford                    http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/DS

Simone Janssen                     http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/SJ

Darren L. Johnson                 http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/DLJ

Simone Craig                        http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/SC

Cary Bayer                             http://moneyjoymasterclass.karimahstewart.com/CB

Speaker Solo Email


Money! Friend, Foe, or It’s Complicated?

My Personal Invitation To You!

The Time Has Come…

Your Ticket to Infinite Wealth NOW!

Money Is….



Hi {name},

Today is YOUR day! Today is the day that you wake up and play full out, the day you give up all limiting beliefs around money and reclaim your power over every area of your life! It’s possible. Right here. Right NOW!  

I am SO excited to announce a collaboration with fellow transformational coach, Karimah Stewart, that will leave you feeling joyful, powerful, limitless, and on your way to infinite wealth!!

Because you are a valued member of my community, I have a complimentary spot saved for you HERE.<<INSERT AFFILIATE LINK>>

I teamed up with Karimah because I know that when you unapologetically step into your power and understand the unlimited abundance of the universe, anything AND EVERYTHING is possible!!

You will apply tried and true tools that will shift your paradigm to cultivate the meaningful experiences that you have always wanted for you and your family!

Come join me in this free online event: Money Joy Master Class: Transform Your Money Relationship from Broke to Abundant for More Flow, Joy, & Infinite Wealth Now <<INSERT AFFILIATE LINK>>

Karimah is collaborating with 21 powerhouse influencers around the world in the fields of money mindset, personal empowerment, and true wealth building.

In just 25 minutes each, these experts share vulnerably how they turned their wounds to wisdom and moved from breakdown to breakthrough! Honest “no frills” answers, personal experiences, and practical applications so that you can start living the life you so richly deserve!


  • Mind Altering Paradigm shifts that will “shake up” scarcity and put you on the path to regaining your power over money
  • Essential mind strategies to bust through limiting beliefs and eradicate your financial plateaus
  • How to tap into the unlimited wealth through forgiveness, getting rid of shame, and neutralizing your money fears
  • Community: You are not alone on this journey of reawakening to who you really are

If you are ready to experience a renewed  hope and a path to a more peaceful and prosperous money relationship, Join me HERE. <<INSERT AFFILIATE LINK>>

I can’t wait to “see” you there!



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Do you desire financial freedom and abundance? Check out this interview I did with Money and Business Abundance Coach Karimah Stewart! We talked about how to truly transform your relationship with money and unapologetically claim your infinite wealth NOW!!  It’s only about 25 minutes so it’s perfect for your busy life.


In just 25 minutes you can be on your way to a completely different relationship with money!  Check out this interview I did with Money and Business Abundance Coach Karimah Stewart!! We discuss powerful, provocative ways to move out of scarcity thinking and into a powerful money mindset!!

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